Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sunshine and BBQ and Water; Oh My!

I can’t help but celebrating with a long, loud ovation that this weekend, which is 4th of July weekend to be exact, is the unofficial barbecue weekend of the year. I’m experiencing tears of relief right now that I won’t have to slave in the kitchen to cook an elaborate meal because everybody and their mama is up in their backyards grilling.

I guess you can say this is the weekend to experience the healing energies of family and friends. Enjoying long conversations with them can do that. Flying expensive kites with a little cousin or nephew that you have not seen in a while might provide needed warmth inside as well.  So when you decide to heave around the yard, rapacious for that next ice, cold beer, remember that you are in the sun which is sipping the water from your body at a more surprising speed than you would think. Mix it up.

The first time you are at the cooler, dancing your way through the classic soul or Soca sounds to that can of beer or soda, let the next and every other beverage you grab, be a water so you can replenish what your body has lost. And while it is fresh in my mind, let me also say that fruit also has a great percentage of water in it which is excellent for the body. So while you are enjoying the burgers and crab meat salads under the sunny beams, add a slice of watermelon or some strawberries to your plate. Catching up on water for your body which needs eight glasses for health purposes is making a good decision that truly matters. 

Summer is definitely a season where we notice how much time is truly worth when we see family and friends we haven’t seen in perhaps, a year. Sometimes poor eyesight prevents us from noticing how many times we have flipped the calendar page without calling or texting important people in our lives. And then as you sink in the depths of summer’s warmth, you welcome it with gladness knowing of the reunions. You can’t deny surrendering a smile on summer days like that when you can share a drink with those you may only see once a year. But make sure to share water too.

I’ll tell you this though, even if you decide not to add it, there will be a moment when your body will demand it. Make sure to pay attention to those dehydrating signs. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A Chocolate Sonnet in a Box

"To be or not to be" sweet and lovely? "That is the question."

Looking for the perfect gift for the chocolate lover?

Because I was a recipient of the most interesting box of chocolates, I can tell you that Deliso Confections chocolates melt in your mouth and have you craving for it. 

A friend of mine made his way to the chocolate shop located at 278 87th street in Brooklyn, NY and what a box of enjoyable treats he got for me as a gift; a gift that I not only enjoyed to the last morsel, but a gift that I think would be perfect for anytime; even to celebrate the life, times and writings of William Shakespeare. How ironic that it was like one of his sonnets in a delicious box?

From rum balls to bon bobs to truffles and more. I have yet to visit the shop but I am thankful my friend knew me enough to know what a foodie might like. A foodie's "perchance to dream!"

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D is For National Deep Dish Pizza Day

April 5th has been marked as a day for food lovers all over the world to enjoy deep dish pizza.

It has actually been noted that pizza is one of the most consumed meals in the United States and isn’t it ironic that the first pizzeria to open in America in 1905 was Lombardi’s which was and is located on the corners of Spring and Mott Street in Manhattan. Today it is pretty convenient to find a pizza shop anywhere in New York, where you find a pizza shop on almost every other corner. However, it has been reported that the regions in the United States with the most pizzerias are Wyoming, Nebraska and Utah.

CNN tells pizza lovers and foodies to not confuse regular pizza day which is in February with deep-dish pizza day or what can also be noted as Chicago-style pizza day, “which is made with a buttery crust that can be two to three inches high” which is a key difference between regular pizza and the deep dish style.  

Many pizza shops today will also be offering their deep dish pizza at a discount in honor of Deep Dish Pizza Day like for instance, Lou Malnati’s in Alabama is offering free deep pan pizza from 12PM to 2PM. Find a pizzeria near you that may have discounts in honor of today’s foodie celebration or visit Time Magazine to discover ways to celebrate here: Ways to Celebrate Article

Pizza has two of my favorite ingredients on it: tomatoes and cheese. I am a true lover of anything with cheese on it and I think today more than ever would make a great day for deep dish pizza with fresh tomatoes and garlic. Yummy! How about you?

Happy National Deep Dish Pizza Day Everyone! 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

B is for Bathe Your Strawberries in Chocolate

Bathe your strawberries in chocolate and you are in for a delicious treat.

I think chocolate generally brings that smile factor to the plate, but add those anti-oxidant strawberries to the vitamin D source and voila, deliciousness and nutritiousness all in one serving meant to entice the pallet. 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Vegan Go Veggie Cream Cheese and Tomato on Whole Wheat

Looking for a yummy but low-fat and healthy eat?

Try adding *Vegan Go Veggie Creamy Cheese Bliss to your meal.

If you are like me, a cheese lover, then you will enjoy this food option because it tastes like the real thing but what makes it better is that it is the healthy alternative.

It has 25% less saturated fat, no cholesterol, lactose or gluten and it's only 80 calories per serving. 

Add it as you would to your bagel or try this delicious breakfast sandwich.

Whole Wheat Toast with Chive & Garlic Cream Cheese Alternative and a Tomato


Whole wheat bread
Go Veggie Creamy a Cheese Bliss
Fresh or Can bell plum tomato


Take two slices of whole wheat bread and toast it. When toasted, spread the creamy smooth cream cheese alternative until both slices are completely covered. Add your tomato. And voila, you have a great, healthy start to your morning.

Try it today! 

Disclaimer: I received *this product free from the manufacturer in exchange for my review. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ground Turkey in Pasta Sauce

Cooking can be made easy when you find ingredients that help to make your desired meal, exactly what you would like it to be.

Spices are always great, adding just the necessary amount of flavor that can make any meal delicious but the ingredient I am speaking of, Land O' Lakes European Style Super Premium Butter

I have heard it said before that butter is fattening which can be true. But, adding a little fat to your diet is actually healthy. Women's Health Magazine recommends adding 7% of butter to our daily caloric intake.  See it here:  (  I prefer using butter than oil and definitely prefer it over margarine. It has  a great taste and not only keeps the food in preparation stage from burning, but also adds nice flavor to it. And what a great choice this new butter option that Land o'Lakes now has available is, with its nice sweet taste; adding just the right touch of love to our daily nourishment.  

I usually add about 1/2 tbsp. of butter to food while it is cooking, which is about two cubes of butter either for flavoring purposes or for keeping the food items from sticking to the bottom of the pan. Such was definitely the case for my Ground Turkey in Pasta Sauce and Spaghetti.

Ground Turkey in Pasta Sauce and Spaghetti

Ground Turkey
Pasta Sauce
Diced Tomatoes
Garlic Powder
Sazon con Saffran
Seasoned Salt
Onion Powder
Land O' Lakes European Style Super Premium Butter


Meat sauce

Make sure ground turkey is defrosted and place into medium sized pan over a medium fire. Add your spices and use a wooden spatula to mix the meat. Mix every five minutes or so making sure that the meat on the top flips position with the meat on the bottom of the pan until all meat is brown.  Add diced tomatoes, pasta sauce and cheese and stir. Add two cubes of butter and stir. Leave on fire for another ten minutes, stirring often.



Bring three cups of water mixed with salt and garlic to a boil and add dry spaghetti shells to water. Stir shells in water until soft, and drain of all water.  Place soft shells back into pot and add two cubes of butter. Let shells with butter sit over a low fire until butter has melted. Serve spaghetti with meat sauce while warm for best results.

Like my family, your family will be rushing for more of this very tasty meal. 

Disclaimer: I am a bzzagent.  Through a current bzzcampaign, I received a free coupon to try Land O' Lakes European Style Super Premium Butter which was used for the purchasing and for which this blogpost is based. For trying this product out and bzzing about it as well as sharing my thoughts on social media based on my usage and opinion of the product, I will receive compensation in the form of Mypoints.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

Do the Turkey Leg

The Atlantic Antic Took place on Sunday, September 27th, 2015 and was what I would describe as a melting pot. Swarms of people from all walks of life gathered and enjoyed the many festivities that were available at this annual Brooklyn, NY fair.

One thing that was definitely not lacking was food. 

There was all types of food that patrons could dabble in; sweets, snacks, meals, drinks. All were available and looked quite delectable. One food item I found particularly peculiar were the jumbo turkey legs. 

Do the Turkey Leg

You've seen them in Disney World and now somehow they have made their way to the streets of Brooklyn. I'm talking about the 1.25 lbs of meat on a stick that seemed to be tempting hungry fair-goers at every corner. 

The turkey legs were so huge, it could probably feed about two or three people. Realistically though, one person would eat one 1000 calorie leg; a meal on a stick. 

The giant meat on a stick looked a bit odd because I've never seen them so big. But it is an on-the-go type of way for foodies to enjoy a bite. 

Thank God for all the portable potties around.  After doing the turkey leg, it probably will definitely have you bouncing and dipping for one because that's a lot of meat to eat on the streets. Maybe you could wash it down with diet soda!