Sunday, January 29, 2012

Give Me That Old Time Wok N Roll

I remember going to an all you can eat restaurant on a trip to Florida with my ex-boyfriend and we really liked it.  Even though that was years ago, I always wanted to find a place like that here in New York and I did.
Wok N Roll is located on 111 Hempstead Turnpike in the West Hempstead Section of Long Island.  It is an all you can eat Chinese buffet place that features over five tables of endless variety. The price to eat costs less than $10 a person which is a great deal for the amount of choices available. 
It is located next door to National Wholesale Liquidators and has a huge parking lot area which is excellent for those who decide to drive there. But if you are a person who prefers to take public transportation, it is only about one mile away from the Hempstead LIRR train station which can estimate to about a 15 minute walk.
When coming down Hempstead Turnpike, the immediate viewing area might fool you.  It looks like an old, shop that has been standing there for quite some time. But when you enter, it is a nice, big  modern, dining area that is not only clean but that has a staff who serves each and every guest with a smile and adequate attention.  
The hostess brings you to your table and you are seated among other patrons there with their young children, friends and family.  Wok N Roll is a clean family environment but not a place that I would suggest to go on a first date. Maybe a few dates into the relationship wouldn't be so bad though.  
The aroma that sweeps across the room somehow lifts customers up and leads them to the plethora of tables, neatly organized.  Each selection has a plaque before it indicating exactly what it is, so there is not much questioning necessary.
Here are just a few of the dishes you might find in the all you can eat buffet:

       Cold Salads and Fruits
             ·         Lettuce
·         Cucumbers
·         Jello
·         Pudding
·         Pineapple
·         Oranges
·         Honeydew
·         Stuffed shrimp with lobster meat
·         Grilled salmon
·         Fried whiting
·         Stuffed clams
·         Hot & Sour Soup
·         Clam Choder
·         Miso Soup
Sushi Bar
·        Spicy Tuna Rolls
·         California Rolls
·         Shrimp Tempura
·         Wasabi
·         Bread
·         Fried Chicken wings
·         Egg Rolls
·         Dumplings
Other dishes included rice noodles, teriyaki chicken, fried rice, tofu and broccoli, french fries, and desserts like ice cream, sweet rolls, cake and more. There is something for everybody which is great because I was still on my one week non-meat eating diet. There is a variety of food selections for meat lovers, vegetarians and children.  And while you eat, the staff is constantly checking on you, making sure you are all right.  A good meal at a decent price that leaves you not only satisfied but with money still in your pockets is a great dining experience. 
Now I know some might be thinking, "that's a lot of food to eat." I have to agree.  But on that one mile walk back over to the LIRR, you will burn a few calories.  If that is not enough,  when you get home, put on some of your favorite music and just dance the night away. I hear dancing is a great exercise. And I bet you that Michelle Obama will agree with me. Maybe you can even turn on the Wii and start doing some of Michael Jackson's legendary moves.  Not only will you work off the food while you are shaking your body down to the ground but your body will feel great. Wok N Roll however, is a restaurant that just for this once, you might want to put away the cookbook and diet and instead, just sit back and enjoy. I know I did.    

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