Saturday, February 18, 2012

Great Cuban Restaurant in Manhattan's Downtown Area

Hey Visitors!

I see you decided to surround yourself by some more the beauties of the great city of New York by visiting downtown Manhattan. 

You might have chanced the moment by taking a few snapshots of the Wall Street bull on Broadway. Or maybe you found yourself calm and centered while viewing the entire city through the crown of the Statue of Liberty.

I am sure the journey on that ferry to and fro was simply incredible. And nothing beats the visions of romance that presents itself with the beautiful NYC night sky view from the South Street Seaport.

But now your shift begins to focus.  You have been on your feet visiting, snapping pictures and having a joyous time with your friends, family or whoever you have come to the big apple with.  Now your mind turns on food and you are not sure which of the many cafes, bars or restaurants you should go to being that Water Street and the surrounding areas has so many. 

After working so hard to see all the sites, it fits the occasion to get the best of the best of meals that New York has to offer. Here’s an idea! Why not make it a Cabana night?

Cabana is located at 89 South Street on Pier 17 in New York. It is only 10 minute walk from the bull or Battery Park. Where Water Street and Fulton Street meets is where all the fun and excitement begins.

Surrounding the area where this wonderful restaurant stands, you will see a number of shops as you approach it, which include Abercrombie, The Coach Store and Anne Taylor, a museum, a few bars, pubs and eateries, the sites and views of the ocean and a mall.  On the third floor of that mall is the doorway to one of the most incredible Cuban restaurants in New York. 

If you get the opportunity, take some time to visit Cabana. You have the option of sitting indoors or outdoors where you can feel the sexy breezes of New York, see visions of ships cruising down the ocean and view the closeness of the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge.  You can take some awesome pictures there; especially at night when the skyline is so pretty. 

Wherever you sit, the staff is constantly checking on you to make sure you are alright. I have to commend the speed of service. They are there to assist you when you need them, the food or drinks you order come with quickness and you are never left without service, in case you should need anything.

The drinks are pretty good.  They have cocktails, frozen drinks and also pitchers of drinks like red or white Sangria should you want a good alcoholic drink. As far as the food, the menu has so many different selections to choose from; lots of seafood dishes and everything is delicious. 

I have to say that Cabana is one of my favorites.  They always receive a rapturous response for each of my dining experience because I never cease to enjoy myself when I go there.

Cabana is a great place for any occasion; after-work with friends and co-workers, with the family or even for a date.  I would definitely recommend Cabana.


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