Thursday, February 16, 2012

Great Mexican Restaurant in the Kensington Section of Brooklyn

I just love the convenience of Seamless. It is one of the many Apps that I currently use on my IPHONE.  To use it, you simply log in, put in the location and zip code from where you are and a list of restaurants in the surrounding area populates. You choose which restaurant you are interested in ordering from and you are on your way to a simple ordering for delivery transaction.
I just found out about this App and have since used it a number of times.  The Kensington section of Brooklyn has many genres of cuisine to choose from. But lately I have found my interest falling on Mexican food. I went to Mexico before and the cuisine there was so appealing that it has never left my palette. It is a choice of food that I will always enjoy.  
Through Seamless, I discovered Los Mariachis Mexican Restaurant. I have lived in Kensington for such a long time and sadly, it took many years and also modern technology to discover Los Mariachis Mexican Restaurant.
The food is excellent. They have so many different selections to choose from which include salads, beef platters, seafood platters, vegetarian platters and more. My favorite dish from there so far is the fried pork chop with the pico de gallo. I could have the pico de gallo by itself which is a spicy oil-based sauce with chopped tomatoes, garlic and peppers. The rice and refried beans that comes with the servings are simply divine.  Their empanadas, fried chicken and guacamole are pretty good also. Selections on the menu lead me to go to the restaurant in person just out of curiosity. Los Mariachis Mexican Restaurant is a restaurant that I only ordered from via an application, but boy was I surprised to see the beautiful oasis that was inside of this lovely restaurant.

The restaurant is located at 805 Coney Island Avenue between Cortelyou Road and Dorchester Road. The B68 stops directly in front of it and the Cortelyou Rd Q train subway stops about five short blocks away. There is plenty of street parking available.
The staff is so welcoming as they greet you upon entering into their establishment. The area looks so clean and beautiful. There are tables available for small and large parties. There is a small dance floor adjacent to the bar where they serve drinks like Sangria.
When I first ordered from here, I thought the pricing was a little bit much because it was simply an on-line ordering thing. But when I found out Los Mariachis Mexican Restaurant was a real sit-down restaurant that you can bring family, go with friends, or a date, I understood the logic.

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have lunch specials that can accommodate workers from the nearby business in the afternoon when they are able to have their breaks.  And for dinner, you can just come and sit in  one of their nicely painted chairs and spend under $20 for a decent meal. When I say decent, I mean, more food than you might even be able to eat in one sitting. Each dish comes with rice and refried beans. The restaurant also caters and hosts special events like weddings and birthday parties which could be a lot of fun when it is enhanced with the sounds of a real live Mariachi band.
The ambiance is great.  I love the décor; very nice presentation outside and inside. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to friends and loved ones. Los Mariachis Mexican Restaurant offers a variety of great foods at an average dinner price and is located in the up-and-coming neighborhood Kensington where thriving businesses are situating themselves and doing big things.  Come and check it out for yourself.

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