Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Taste of the Wild Side: Self-Acknowledgement

According to the rules of society, we are intended to make a living in order to survive.  We strive to do better and we work harder. As time continues to move, some never see design flaws in work, work, work and no play. They just seem to cooperate fully, even on days when the clouds usher in.

Even on the road to success, we might need to take a mid-day reconstruction of ourselves. Perhaps some get it by indulging in quiet moments of reflection and meditation. There is nothing wrong with taking time out for yourself, to give yourself the truest love that you deserve.

Sure your calling in life might be running the mission and being in charge of something important; so our priorities become honoring our occupational duties. But it is also our duty to feel the little momentary pleasures of honoring our temples. Here are some suggestions for that might compel you to take a taste of the wild side and change the rules; even just a little bit.

No Cell Phones or Blackberry’s
at the Dinner Table

Set dinner time for the necessary conversationals that are important in the learning cycles of the individual characters within your own family. How can you actually find time to answer the 100,000 calls you get while talking at the dinner table?  How is it possible to continuously be answering texts while trying to find out about the day of another person? Almost seems impossible right?

Even in the short period of time that dinner requires, you find out something new about somebody you thought you knew pretty well. Yet, people seem different from a distance when you only have time to perhaps say good morning and good night to your loved ones. Put that cell phone or blackberry away until dinner is over and acknowledge that the other people you are eating with are actually there. Talking at the dinner table is not only good for the soul but it is also a moment of honoring the people you love, giving the relationships you have a whole new meaning.

Wash Away the Weariness

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So you work hard and never seem to acknowledge or reward yourself for all the busting you do. We work through monster headaches. We still have a pile of work on our desks to complete when we are feeling turbulence in our emotions. We still have to face our clients with our new hardships that seem to come up every day. We know we are doing the right thing, but we are left feeling like a person being scalded while brewing meth.

So you come home from a hard day of work.  Why not fill up the tub with steaming hot water, soothing bath salts or bubble bath and maybe some roses.  Many florists get new bunches of flowers daily and the petals that have fallen off the fresh flowers, they simply throw out.  Instead of letting this good stock of petals go to waste, why not go claim them for free or for a small cost,  and add them to your bath.  And while you are laying there soaking away the wear and tear, find some added peace and solemnity to the experience by putting on some of the world’s greatest jazz sounds.

I don’t know about you but music moves me everywhere. Listening to the musical appeal of Miles Davis adds intensely rich color to my day. His instrumental compositions are like delicate ballads of magic floating in the air. Yet, that is one of the musicians that I admire that you may not have that same level of interest in.  Maybe your listening desire is music from the group A Taste of Honey or the Beatles.  Or perhaps, you would prefer to listen to CNN radio or an audio book. Whatever listening delights you have, the harmony of the spa-like bath and the listening experience is definitely a great help in changing that grasp on reality.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side

The pull of gravity often leaves us sitting at our desks working the entire period that is reserved for lunch. We may never acknowledge that we have this period of evolution that we can use to open up our lives in other ways. Have you ever taken a taste of the rising trend that has people mystified by its force?

What is it you might ask; walking. Sometimes we need to be able to stretch our legs and move every muscle just to have that sanity necessary to complete the rest of the day. Perhaps we feel that to work straight through the day is to establish an aura of professionalism even when its functionalities characterize us as a robot. But what is wrong with taking out a moment to enjoy Spiritual quietude while we move our feet to the melody of the wind?

Now, I’m not suggesting that you take a walk to the stores around the neighborhood and to become a heavy buyer. The expanse of space of increased excitement might be a tremendous help in not only keeping us physically robust but in defensively rebounding our own minds and bodies. By working up a sweat to relieve the built up stressors of the morning, it might ac tually enable us to jump back into the swing of things and to do a better job in the afternoon because we had time to think about what we are doing and how we are doing it. 

Taste the Pages

Maybe you could change your thoughts for a minute.  I understand you want to keep your mind on work all the time. Your work has become like the Dogon’s star Potolo; your mind, body and spirit simply revolves around your job and nothing else. But, it is the weekend.  Are you telling me that you can’t make some time to think about anything else in this world?  Well how about a good book?

All react equally when they read a book.  They have a thought about the author and what he or she has written.  They have an opinion about the story.  They have something that is worthy of talking about.

With the vast array of stories and topics the world has to offer, finding a good read is almost as tasty as a decadent creamy cake. Looks as good as the ingredients that were mixed together to make it what it is. Satisfies the stomach rather well. Yet, you know it is not something you can have all the time because of your lifestyle. But every once in a while won't hurt. Opening up a book every once in a while won't hurt either. Might actually feel read good to indulge into something different, even for a short while.

Shhh! I’m on a Call

It is crazy but I know that in trying to be that person who does all the right things and never falters, we also become a people who never have a free moment of solitude to ourselves. And so, everything is piled up in our hearts and in our minds and we simply carry them through our every moment and every day.

Have you ever tried meditation?  You should you know. It is such a fulfilling experience.

Consider this. Out of everything in the world, the only thing that remains constant is the quiet of our minds.  How many times can you actually claim that you have had quiet of mind? I mean, not thinking of any of the forces of our nature? 

Meditation is a great practice. There is no one right way of doing it.  But the goal for any meditation is to find focus to taste peace of mind and relieve the tension of it. 

Some read a quote, Biblical scripture or proverb and try to focus on it for a period of perhaps 20 to 30 minutes without drifting from that one idea which opens up your mind to greater things. Others might listen to sounds of nature, like the sound of the ocean, chimes or even birds chirping and use those sounds to ultimately think differently about the thoughts of what bills need to be paid or what the medical report may have said or what Little Jonny did last night. Problams elapse every day and you never know what will be unraveled in the new 24 of time. But the calling of peace is always accessible if you want it. Meditations is a great weapon against the world and different methods of doing it can be accessed on the web or in many publications.

Letting Someone Else Do the Work

I understand, you are used to taking charge and doing everything on your own; especially if you want it done right. Nothing wrong with wanting things done a certain way.  But how about while going over the documents that become exceptionally difficult to not take home to read and study, have a little fun.

You will be telling your body all the things it means to you as you sit in the massage chair at your nearest or favorite nail salon, letting the specialist tend to your nails and feet, like you deserve. Enjoy the simple ritual of beautifying those achy feet. Most nail salons have these state of the art chairs that are simply phenomenal; okay well, maybe not as great as the Phenomenal Woman that Maya Angelou describes in her poem, but it lies in the upper registry of favorites.  

When you put these chairs into gear, they do a series of back massages that are so tender that can be compared to spa-like deep tissue massages. The relief of tension in the muscles in the pectoral fly, the spine or the lower back can be relieved and enhance feelings of joy.

Often times when sitting in these chairs and allowing the technicians to pamper you, it is like a powerless act of surrender. You simply begin to enjoy the experience. But sometimes that is all we need in our lives to acknowledge our humanness.  We become so programmed to being silent lambs that we deny the tygers within. But sometimes we need to “frame that simple symmetry” (William Blake).

I’m telling you, the acknowledgments of our own selves, leaves a lasting mark. You can try to inch away from honoring your own temple, but when you deny rewarding yourself for all your hard work and for being that unique king or queen that you are, true internal peace may never settle within. These suggestions are not meant to change your life but to change your mind to higher echeclon thoughts that will hopefully help you to realize that you are royalty and deserve to claim your greatness, even if you are too busy to live.  At least, I think, that is the way God intended life to be. If you are someone like me who works hard and needs me time sometimes, consider tasting the wild side.   

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