Monday, February 20, 2012

When the Body is Crying for Calcium, Get Silk

I am not the biggest milk fan, so it is rare that I drink it.  I try every once in a while to drink milk and my body loves it.  I see my hair shiny and my nails start to grow really long and look beautiful. But I can tell when I am lacking calcium when I see strands of my hair starting to fall out and my nails breaking.
I guess it’s true. Our bodies need calcium. The problem is, regular milk does not agree with my stomach.  So I try alternatives. Farmland Dairies Skim Plus is pretty good. It is skim milk which means fat free. Some people complain and say skim milk is too watery, but I like the way it tastes.  Yet still, I am only a milk fan so often.  Our bodies tend to let us know that we are not nourishing it with the proper amounts of calcium when we don’t love it enough. Especially for me because as a woman, I lose calcium every time mother nature calls me to menstruate.  And so, it needs to be replenished a lot more than I even desire to drink milk.
I’m not a pill person. I get drowsy even when I take non-drowsy medicine.  I don’t like that when I swallow a pill, it can sit in my esophagus for a long time without being digested. So I try not to take even Aspirin.  Many can handle a Calcium pill and be fine, but me, it is just not my cup of tea. And so, I tried another alternative. SoDelicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk.  Turtle Mountain named it exactly right because it is delicious.  Yet still, not a milk person and so one 64 oz container can last me about two months because I do not really drink it as much as I should.
But then, I found a solution.  There’s a drink that I tried that I think has solved all my problems.  I like juice and Silk Fruit & Protein All Natural Juice Blend Mango Peach is just that.  It provides 20% of calcium in each serving and 5 grams of nourishing soy protein.
It smells like natural peach. It is a cream colored drink. It is a good source of protein. Silk Fruit & Protein All Natural Juice Blend Mango Peach provides an excellent source of calcium & Vitamin D. What I love is that it is a natural soy product which means that it is lactose-free & dairy-free. It is like drinking milk but in a juice format and it tastes pretty good
What I don’t like too much is that it contains only 20% juice. I am used to drinking 100% juices which is made of mostly fruit without the added sugars.  In a one quart container, Silk Fruit & Protein All Natural Juice Blend Mango Peach contains 24grams of sugar.  Yet still, my body needs calcium and if this can be the source, it is not such a bad way to get it all in.
The following is a list of the ingredients found in this product. Ingredients include all natural soybase (filteerd water, soy flour), filtered water, juice blend (filtered water, pear, apple and peach juices from concentrate, mango puree), all natural evaporated cane juice, pectin, natural flavors, citric acid, calcium lactate, tricalcium phosphate, colors from fruits and vegetables, absorbic acid (vitamin c), gellan gum and vitamin d2.
Whenever I go to the market to buy food, I do the crazy thing of checking the label to see how many calories are in a product and how many calories from fat it contains.  If a product contains more than 30% of fat from calories, I put it down because that is too much fat in the product.  Silk Fruit & Protein All Natural Juice Blend Mango Peach is 150 calories with 15 of those calories being from fat.  That means it only has 10% of fat in it. Not bad for a healthy drink.
Some say milk is best to drink in the morning. I like to drink juice any time that I get the thirst for it.  Silk Fruit & Protein All Natural Juice Blend Mango Peach quenches my desire for juice and also nourishes my bones and builds my body up on Vitamin C & Vitamin D, like milk would. Perhaps breakfast is not so bad to have a drink like this. But for me, after my hard day at work and when it is late, like tonight, I am having it as part of my dinner with a cup of granola.   
Anytime is good I guess. I am actually glad my aunt decided to share this product with me.  She hooked me up with something that my body really needed and that I actually really like.  I think I might be able to handle drinking some maybe every other day.  Not so bad for a person who rarely drinks milk at all; especially since my body needs calcium. Happy drinking!!!

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