Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Starbucks Promotion from March 8-14, 2012

It is not impossible to function without that morning cup of joe. I mean, there are days that we don’t have that cup of coffee and we are just fine. But there are those days that we can use at least one cup of that piping hot beverage.  
I don’t know about you, but I truly love coffee. It doesn’t have to be the morning for me to have it.  Anytime is fine. It isn’t about the caffeine.  I do not use it as a boost of some sort to give me energy for the day. I simply enjoy the taste of it.
Many mornings I find myself at Starbucks. This morning was one of those days. Since I go so frequently, I decided to register a giftcard my friend had given me for my birthday. I get discounts like free syrups if I want them, a free cup for my birthday and exclusive deals, as well as email notices for upcoming promotions that can benefit all customers.
I am not affiliated with Starbucks in any way. They will not print out a check with my name on it for sharing with you information about the promotion they are having.  But since I love coffee and drink more than one cup a day, I know I am not the only one in this big world that does.
And so, if you or someone you know loves coffee, frequents Starbucks and drinks more than one cup of coffee a day like I do, let them know that from Thursday, March 8th, 2012 to Wednesday March 14th, 2012, when you go in for your morning cup of coffee,  keep your receipt.  With that receipt, you can go in to Starbucks after 2PM and get any cup of coffee of your choice for half price. 
I got the email this morning and got excited for no reason, thinking the promotion started today. So when I got my morning cup, I asked the cashier for my receipt. Since I have this very lengthy evening class this evening, that Venti cup of Pike Roast coffee could have definitely benefitted me. 

I went into Starbucks all excited expecting to leave with my half priced drink. My bubble got burst a little bit when I learned that the promotion didn't start until tomorrow, but the staff there showed me love and gave me a complimentary cup which I am grateful for. I carried it with me to class and it made me enjoy the professor's lecture even more than usual.
You see, it is not the caffeine at all that makes me love the coffee. I do not go to Starbucks seeking the lattes or the flavored drinks.  But the coffee is great. I like it so much, I drink it black without any sugar, sweetener, milk or creame. I love the smell and the taste is satisfying. I know I will definitely be in there during the next seven days indulging in this promotion because it is a good deal. Especially after lunch when we are tired and experiencing the itis,  drinking something hot helps the digestion process move along a little bit faster and might actually benefit anyone who enjoys Starbucks coffee and lattes.
But if you do go and get that second cup, I recommend that you also fill up on your water. You see, for every caffeinated drink that you have, you lose two glasses of water from your body.  The daily recommended value is eight. So when you drink two cups, you eliminate two and would have to now drink 12 cups for the necessary supply your body needs. Sounds like a lot of water I think but not so bad when you consider how essential it is. Your body definitely needs it. But please, don't let that information dissuade you from enjoying your cup of coffee if you love it. I know I do.

Happy drinking!  :)


  1. Ok miss lady, glad you got your free cup to enjoy during class. You work so hard, you need it. I can understand how the smell, flavor & hotness gives you comfort & joy. I can get that from a tall cup on tea also but there is something about the roasted scent & flavor of coffee that is so special. I can also do decaf do it's not the caffeine. Well, enjoy your discounts & thanks for sharing the info.

  2. I like tea sometimes. Tea also has a nice flavor and scent. Yes, I'm glad for my free cup too. Made my day yesterday. :)