Saturday, April 21, 2012

S is for Sangria, Great Summer Drink

Summertime is almost around the corner.  When summer comes, one of my favorite things is when the family gathers together for the annual barbecue. We hardly have time to see watch other throughout the year with our demanding schedules, and so, when we finally get to meet up, it is always a good time.

My sister always prepares a plethora of foods and drinks for the family; and a great variety. The drinks are always plentiful also.  One of the drinks I suggest this year is Sangria. I think I will make it and bring it for the family to enjoy.

 For one, Sangria is a really tasty drink that goes a long way.  It is not so hard to make because it has ingredients in it that are easy to find and most likely might already be there in the household; well maybe.

It can be prepared with either red or white wine.  I think I like the White Sangria more than the red, but either way, it is a delicious drink. Add Brandy to the mix. The amount varies depending on how many people you are serving. For six people, add one cup.  One large carafe can hold about nine drinks in it.

Finally, add a cup of orange juice and then add your fruit.  You can add anything like mandarin oranges, diced apples, cubed pineapple, maybe even grapes or whatever fruits you may love.  The best thing about the fruit is that it soaks up the alcohol so after you finish your drink, you still have a nice treat waiting for you at the bottom of your glass.   

Many people like to make punches and have it in a bowl on a table.  I think it would be better in a pitcher or a carafe because then it could remain fresh and it can stay in the cooler until someone is actually interested in having some.  Especially since barbecues are conducted in the hot sun. Sangria tastes best when it is cold.

Sangria is a nice summer drink and one that I think will have your guests smiling. But if you do decide to drink while you are at the barbecue, please replenish your body with plenty of water to stay hydrated because you will be under the hot sun perspiring which means your body will be losing water, even if you are not aware of it and can make you dehydrated. Besides the Sangria,  water is also a delicious and very important summer drink also. So make sure to drink plenty of it. But overall, have a great time. I think this summer will be a great summer and I am looking forward to it.


  1. I will take water over sangria any day! Or most other things for that. I like ice cold water. Never really understand why people think water tastes bad.

    Sonia Lal @ Story Treasury

    1. I love water. It is my favorite drink and what I drink the most. Water really does taste good.

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