Saturday, July 28, 2012

The No Meat, Pasta, Rice, Bread or Coffee diet

This past week, I decided to try to do better with my lifestyle and so, Tuesday began the new lifestyle where I gave up meat, rice, pasta, bread and coffee.

I’ve done the no meat thing before and have been fine with it, but would you believe that the hardest thing for me to give up is coffee. 

I am used to drinking about two venti cups or more a day; and usually I drink it black with no milk or sugar. The first two days without coffee were extremely hard. I had a headache all day and just craved it. Today, I am on my fifth day without any coffee and I am okay.

People have told me that this diet I am on now is pretty drastic. I mean, who truly gives up bread, rice, pasta and meat all at the same time?  But, I have to say that I truly love vegetables. I knew it before, but it was not until this week when I realized it most.  

The first day was fruits, vegetables and beans only. On the second day, I had a little oatmeal for breakfast and then decided to add fish into the mix on the third day. Most of the meals I had were made from scratch by me, all except for the strawberry spinach and shrimp salad which was prepared at Pretty Toni's Cafe. Here are some of the most interesting options I have had so far:
Stewed Vegetables with Black Eyed Peas

 Ginger Curry Soup

Salmon and Yam Cakes 

Strawberry Spinach Salad with Grilled Shrimps

As far as drinks are concerned, most of what I have consumed is this concoction that I made consisting of water, cayenne pepper, honey and lemon juice; basically for detox.  I have also been substituting my coffee with caffeine free tea. I am a usual drinker and haven’t consumed any alcohol since I have begun and been trying to maintain and it has been working for me so far.

I wanted to try this diet for a week to see how my body would feel after.  The week is not completely finished yet but I must say that I have been holding on.  If I get hungry for a snack, I have had either an orange, apple with peanut butter or a pear. 

So far so good!  Hopefully my next post will come with some positive results of how this new crazy lifestyle has worked for me.  Until then; happy eating. I’m still a foodie even without the starchy carbs, meat, coffee and alcohol.

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