Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Morning Salad

It has been about nine days since I started this no meat, bread, pasta, rice or coffee diet and I have been doing alright.

I was trying to figure out what I would be able to have without breaking my diet, especially at breakfast time when bacon or sausage and eggs every once in a while calls my name. I have not cooked as much ever before in my life until this past week. But I think I rather be my own personal chef so I could stick to my diet as opposed to going and buying what I really shouldn’t be having.

On the flip side, I will not deny myself though. I decided that instead of making it hard, I will indulge for special ocassions, like a birthday party, family event or so.  That way, it will be more like treating myself as opposed to an every day thing like it used to be. I think change is good and this change was needed; especially in the department of dieting and exercise. And so. I incorporated it from points of views of my own and helpful hints from others.  
It was suggested to me to try raw broccoli. Ruffage was not really a big part of my diet, but it is a helpful vegetable when it comes to weight loss and so, I have added it to my diet with different meals.  Here is a breakfast idea that I thought was delicious.

A Morning Salad

Consists of Raw broccoli, raspberries, oranges,  raw spinach, and any variety of vinaigrette dressing.
Takes about five minutes to make and is very tasty.      

While it does not have any protein in it, it has a daily value of fruits and vegetables which is great for the body. And it could keep you full. But, should you get hungry before your usual lunch time, have a fruit to hold you down.  This meal goes well with a nice caffeine free tea.  Enjoy!


  1. Not what I would have tossed into a morning salad, but good to know!

    Happy seeing beautiful!

    1. Really? I think it is a goo didea to start off fresh sometimes. Give me some suggestions because at this point I can really use them as I try my best to stick to my newest lifestyle. What would you do differently?

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