Thursday, August 23, 2012

Snack Time: Grab a Fruit

You have been at work for at least three hours now. It is mid-way between breakfast and lunch and you are in the mood for a snack. Snack time does not always have to call for greasy potato chips, oversweetened cookies or rich chocolate.  How about some fruit? 
Did you know that eating strawberries can help to eliminate the damage cigarette smoking has done to the body?  Yes, berries are antioxidants that help to eliminate free radicals in your body.  They also improve digestive health.
Or how about a peach? Prevention Magazine says that a peach is made up of 87% of water and has potassium and is an electrolyte. Most of the time when we go for a drink of juice, our body craves the electrolytes for energy. You don’t even need the sugary juice at all. The fruit will do just fine.
Most people might say, "why should I eat that. I am not on a diet." Remember, a balanced diet includes about three or four servings of fruit. A diet is not a weight loss meal like most people think. It is the food that you eat, whether it is fat and greasy or lean. If all you eat is Popeyes chicken or McDonalds, then that is your diet. And if you only eat vegetables and fruit, then that is your diet. The difference is when you choose to eliminate things from your diet, then that is a lifestyle. I changed my bad eating habits for a new lifestyle that is so me, I think I'm going to keep it; because it is working in my favor.
If I were you, I’d put that bag of Orville Redenbacher movie butter popcorn away and reach for a very fulfilling fruit. The best thing is that, you can easily have it anywhere; at home, at work, or at school. And it always tastes great; so sweet you don't even need to add the unneccesary sugar to an already naturally sweetened food.

Fruit is healthy and beneficial to the body. Why not add some refreshing fruit to your diet today?

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