Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Taste of Homegrown and True Organic Foods

Je m’ennuie beaucoup de
legumes organique?

That is French for, did I miss
much of organic vegetables?
Pardon my French though, I
am Haitian but have not

mastered the official language of my family's

country that well yet. But hopefully one day.
I got a chance to taste fresh peppers taken from my
friend’s garden in Queens, NY and what a difference. I won’t
downplay what  we find in the supermarkets because I do
love vegetables period.  But the taste coming straight from
the garden is so agreeable to my taste buds.  I am so 
thankful that she allowed me to have some to take home. I
am even more grateful that my
mother was able to use those
peppers to make homemade hot

Nothing like true organic style
homegrown peppers!!! I think next
spring, I will get out there into the
garden and do some planting of my
own because the outcome is so
worth it.

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