Sunday, October 7, 2012

My Fitness Pal

I was never a fan of calorie counting until recently when I made an appointment with my nutritionist and she told me that it would be helpful in attaining my fitness goals and so now, I try to keep track or at least a memory of what I eat and also the exercises that I do.

I can honestly say I am not the best person at doing things manually or remembering to write things into a calendar being that I spend most of my day on the computer when I am at work or even at home or in my phone on different apps.  But then, my nutritionist suggested using which is a site on-line that also has an app that is easy to access and simple to use.

Myfitnesspal is another of the many social blogging sites found on the internet. It is a community of individuals with a heart and the desire to eat right and exercise.  On the site, you can track the foods you eat, your exercises, or strength training activities and it will give you an idea of how many calories you’ve used or burned and how many you have left to eat. If you add a fitness goal, the program bases your calories on that specific day’s worth of exercise and food by calculating how much calories you have left in your personal goal and if you have gone over, met your goal or were under it.

Besides keeping track of your calories, you can log on and add a status, write a blog, join in on the community of message boarders and/or communicate with other like-minded individuals all with the same types of goals of staying on track with eating healthy, exercising or losing weight. You can actually find people to help keep you motivated or inspire someone else seeking the story or experiences you might want to share.
I really like the site and have accessed it every day since the first day I’ve visited the site and it is helpful to me. Since I started using the site, I've lost 11 pounds.  In total, I've lost 20. Lately, I have even found myself wanting to exercise just to add it to my daily progress. Maybe I am a little crazy,  but sometimes when you are an individual who battles with weight,  you can go overboard.  This site helps you to see that and makes a good difference that leans a lot towards change. Very helpful I must say. Hopefully it will also be helpful to you.


  1. I always plan to workout or something but never succeed :(
    well nice article :)

  2. it is not easy to get into but once you are ready, the motivation just finds itself in your grasp.