Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Heart Healthy Breakfast: Oatmeal

The morning is the moment in your day when you prepare yourself to start on the path for greatness. It is no surprise that in that same time frame, we shower ourselves awake for a busy day of multitasking, and start by eating the most important meal of the day; breakfast.

Well here is a breakfast idea.  How about some good old fashion oatmeal? If that idea itself leaves a smile that feels forced on your face, let me help this healthy breakfast option grow with love and intuition in your heart.

When health failed to matter, eating healthy never seemed to leave a heavy footprint in our minds. The thoughts about healthier options were short lived and it was never of importance to be up to speed on the issue of our own health.

But then when health become a matter of the world, it almost seems as if to talk about eating healthy was like being fluent in love’s fine and beautiful linguistics. Perhaps it is because health should matter.

If we do not care about our own bodies, we alone will absorb the impact of not caring. We always have a choice in life to either be ready to take action and do what is right to live a long, healthy life or to fall away from the punch, not care and create a heart full of pain for our family and friends around us watching us bask in misery for not trying to make the difference in our own lives.

Perhaps you are not the type who will have a cup full of raspberry green tea in the morning. Or maybe you never thought about pushing the limit a little bit by working out and doing something that your body deserves. There is nothing wrong with being content with just who you are if you are okay with sitting back and allowing fatty, unhealthy foods to have control of your life. I mean, who wants to be on constant alert of what we are eating because of doctor’s orders. But then again, there is nothing wrong with having an iota of understanding to be more cautious of what we put into our bodies.

From the point of contact of the morning star and while you are getting ready to experience the world, say, “I love you madly” to your body with a nice bowl of oatmeal. Making it on the stove is not so bad, but neither is the instant kind. Quaker instant oatmeal has so many different flavors to choose from; more than you would even imagine from cinnamon swirl to raisin, dates and almonds.


If oatmeal seems a little boring to you, why not add your favorite fruits to it.  How about a high in fiber banana? Or maybe you can cut a slice of pineapple and add it. Or how about some berries?

Adding blueberries and raspberries might not be so bad.  The berries will not only give the cholesterol-lowering food flavor, but the anti-oxidants will also free radicals from your body. And, oatmeal is very filling and will keep you full longer than that meat lover’s omelet and home fries platter that you are dying to have.

The truth is hidden in plain sight of what the better meal to have is. Why not go with oatmeal?

Disclaimer: I am not, nor have I ever been employed by or am being compensated for including the Quaker brand into my blogpost.This is a post based on opinion with some facts included in it. I am however, someone who has been able to get a grasp on this whole eating thing, who knows how to eat healthy, live a balanced life and also knows how to lose weight. This blogpost was written based on my own life experiences with hopes that perhaps I can help to benefit someone else's life.

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