Thursday, November 29, 2012

A NYC Home-Made Green Machine Smoothie

Have you ever tried any of the Naked Drinks?

I love them mostly because they are 100% juice. My favorite is the green machine. Funny how my friends see me drinking it and get somewhat disgusted because of the color, not really knowing what it is or the benefits of drinking such a healthy drink. I have one every now and then but never thought about making my own green drink until this morning. Read more about the green machine drink here: 

I love the taste but the problem is the cost.  An average Naked drink in NYC costs about $4.00 and that can be a little steep after a while when you can use that same money to get you a bus ride from one end of the city to the other, to buy postage for bills you rather pay via snail mail, to buy two days worth of New York Times newspapers to read up on the current issues, to take a yoga or zumba class that has a pay by donation without a set price, to park my car for 80 minutes in Manhattan where parking is 50 cents for ten minutes, or something else important. I thought about getting one of those green machines this morning and then I decided to make my own green drink to save my $4.00 for that very reason.  

The idea for experimenting is always there. The issue that comes with the idea is trying to decide what ingredients to use. It is always common to add a few fruits and get a nice drink. But my goal was to get my drink to be as green as the green machine.

Recently, a friend of mine noticed my love for collard greens and recommended kale telling me that it has a similar taste.  I tried raw kale and it was great and lately I have been on this kale kick using it as a substitute for lettuce or spinach in raw salads or lightly steaming it. I decided to try kale in my smoothie.

Also in the mix, I added 1 banana, 1 Fuji apple, 1/3 cup orange juice and ¼ cup water. That smoothie is a true meal in a 20 oz bottle or large cup. The Naked drink has a few more ingredients than mine as they include brocolli, kiwi, garlic, wheatgrass and many other items that give it a darker green appearance, but for a homemade concoction, I decided to keep it simple and it was still a great drink with a light green color and a good taste.

Not only that. My homemade concoction only cost about $1.50 to make with the ingredients I used. With the rest of my $2.50, I can still take a train ride from the Bronx to Queens on the A train if I wanted to and get a quarter back. Not Bad!!!
Tasted better than I expected; I was satisfied! :))
Disclosure:  This is an opinion based blogpost. I am not, nor never have been an employee of the NakedJuice company. I am simply a consumer with opinions and also a woman with an agenda to eat better, to lose weight, to maintain, and while doing all that save a little bit of money and share my story with people who might find interest.

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