Monday, January 21, 2013

Stuffed Mushrooms with Shrimp Salad

I think I have become a little bit obsessed lately with trying to find new and exciting ways to cook so my lifestyle does not get boring and to also maintain a low calorie diet.

Lately, I have been finding favor in cooking with mushrooms.  Usually I get them either in a can or fresh and sliced. But then the other day, I saw some fresh button mushrooms in the store and decided I wanted to try stuffing them.


I looked up a few ideas on Pinterest and saw options like Stuffed mushroom with spinach, stuffed mushroom with goat cheese or stuffed mushroom with lobster.  I had some spinach and some goat cheese but no lobster.  I like to experiment with food and the idea of mixing  goat cheese and spinach together seemed like it would be really good.  But then I thought, what if I added some shrimp to it?  That I did, and came up with what I'd like to call, stuffed mushroom with shrimp salad. 


Stuffed Mushroom with Shrimp Salad
Serving Size 2
Calories per serving 123
Cooking time: 30 minutes
4 Mid-sized Fresh Button Mushrooms
¼ cup frozen or fresh spinach
¼ cup crombled goat cheese
1 cup cooked shrimp




1.    Turn your oven on to 425.

2.    Remove stems from your mushrooms making sure to be careful with the other portions of your mushroom so that it could remain somewhat like a bowl of some sort. Place the mushrooms into a small baking sheet.

3.    In a small bowl or in a mortar, add your shrimp, goat cheese and spinach.

4.    Use a fork or a pestle to chop up the shrimp cheese and spinach until fine and then mix.

5.    Using a spoon, scoop a portion of the mixture into each mushroom until they are loaded as snug as clothes in a diva’s suitcase

6.    Your mushrooms are now ready to cook. 

7.    Leave mushrooms in oven for about 15 minutes.

8.    A nice side to go with this dish would be Quinoa, or grilled vegetables. I had mine with mashed buttersquash with okra and black beans.

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