Sunday, September 29, 2013

This Starbucks Coffee Tastes Ethiopian

So what is all this talk about the new coffee at Starbucks?

Ethiopia Roast does not only have brilliantly satisfying taste, but it is a medium roast coffee which is great for those like me, used to drinking my venti pikes every day.  What a great day to try a new brew on national coffee day?

I was definitely in the house today for Coffee Tasting. It was almost like a happy hour type of thing walking into Starbucks and getting somewhat of a shot worth of this new choice on the menu.

And who would have thought that you could actually taste the flavor of the citrus and dark cocoa in coffee? Most people mask coffee with all the sugar and cream or milk that they can add, only getting the caffeine in their body. But for those who like the taste of coffee, this one is definitely worth trying.

Here is something you probably were unaware of. A cup of regular brewed coffee when drunk black, like the pike, African roast or even the Kama Sutra, yields about 5 calories per cup.  But when you add all the extra stuff like caramel, whipped cream, hazelnut, sugars and creams or even milk, that is when the coffee becomes a high caloric drink. 

Luckily, I appreciate the taste of coffee and I enjoy it black, but then again, nothing wrong with going outside the box every once in a while; especially for counting calorie freaks like myself who used the method to enable weight loss of over 70lbs in under nine months.


I am not an employee of nor am I being paid by Starbucks to write this blogpost. I am however, a fan of their store and a consumer who like to share the things I come across just in case another consumer is not aware that it exists.

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