Thursday, December 4, 2014

Something Sweet is Cooking at the Smoke BBQ Pit

All I can say is yummy. 

Queens, NY is where you will find the best hot fudge sundae yet. It had a brownie inside. So beautiful and sweet to my eyes, I had to snap a pic for day 4 of the December photo challenge: something sweet; Looks and tastes so good!!! 

If the image of this makes your mouth water, definitely make your way down to the Smoke BBQ Pit located at 129-21 Merrick Blvd in Queens, NY for your own portion of this delicious treat. Hey! Why not come down on a Friday like tomorrow night when the Renegade Band will entice the ears of patrons with live music and fun. 

Here is a flyer for the next time they will be there which is Friday, December 5, 2014 from 9pm to Midnight. 

You'll be getting sweet treats for both the tasting and listening pleasure so stop on through. 

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Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Thanksgiving Meal Idea: Penne Vodka

It's Thanksgiving Day and I'm home in the the kitchen cooking while also watching the Macys Parade and playing with my nephew. Great day to be off! 

Thank God for the moments I can get a little break from preparing my meal while the food is boiling or sitting in the oven. But it's an even greater thing that I'm not cooking an entire meal. Just one dish; Penne Vodka.

Don't get me wrong; recipes are good and all and it's important to follow some sort of guide when whipping something up that is meant to be enjoyable. But my improvising is more for the getting in and out of the hot kitchen quicker and to keep the food item a little bit leaner, if that's even possible. Like for instance; real vodka sauce requires heavy cream and vodka. I do not drink alcohol and decided not to purchase the actual beverage for it this time, but instead to get the vodka sauce already prepared in a bottle for my convenience. 

So here it is; my recipe for Penne Vodka.


Gluten Free Penne
Gluten Free Fire Roasted Diced Tomatoes
Vodka Sauce
Garlic Powder
Green Pepper
Red Pepper
Shredded Italian Four Cheeses
Shredded Cheddar Cheese
Shredded Parmesan Cheese
Ricotta Cheese
Olive Oil
Olive Oil Spray


1. Add about seven cups of water to a stew pot and place over medium heat. Add salt and olive oil and let it sit over the fire until it boils.

2. Add penne and leave it over fire until shells are soft.

3. Remove water with a strainer.

4. Preheat oven to 375.

5. Take baking pan and spray with olive oil. Cover the bottom of the tray with fire roasted diced tomatoes and vodka sauce. Sprinkle with garlic.

6. Add a layer of pasta. Take spoon fully of ricotta cheese and stir into the pasta. Layer it with cheddar cheese, Italian cheese and Parmesan cheese. Dice about a handful each of green pepper and red pepper and sprinkle atop. Cover the pasta with fire roasted tomatoes, vodka sauce and garlic. 

7. Repeat #6 layering until the capacity of the baking pan is filled. The top layer in pan should be the fire roasted tomatoes, vodka sauce, garlic, peppers and cheeses. 

8. Place in the oven for warming and melting purposes "only." 

9. Best served warm. Pairs well with white wine or apple cider for the non-drinkers. I am not the biggest meat eater but add shrimp or chicken cutlets to the dish for those interested in a fancier meal item. 

Whatever you do decide to eat, my prayer for you is that it is warm, hearty and with loved ones. Happy thanksgiving to you and yours! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Did the Singing Chef Say Mustard Greens?

"Mustard greens is the second most nutritious green you could eat. The first is dandelion root." -  Rash Shamash

This is a quote from a cooking demonstration by the singing chef at For My Sweet in Brooklyn. 

Who knew that mustard greens were so good, you could eat them raw like salad greens or even add them to your smoothies? 

It's all in the way you spice it up! Almost like the way he spices up the jazz every first Monday of the month at For My Sweet on Fulton Street between Classon and Clavers in the Clinton Hills section if Brooklyn, NY. 

Not only do you get to devour an earful of tasteful jazz music, but you have your choice of yummy eats, some made by the singing chef himself, available; some which include vegetarian choices. 

A venue for music lovers and foodies. Definitely my kind of spot. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Corn Souffle

I do not cook often, though cooking is the sure way to know exactly what you are putting into your mouth and to control the contents of what goes into it; especially if you are dieting. Cooking is the better choice to make to change eating habits.

But when I do cook, one of the dishes I like to cook the most is corn soufflé. My friend introduced it to me once when she brought it in for a luncheon at work, and ever since, I added the dish to my cooking repertoire.

If you are a lover of corn bread and do not mind a little mush in your life, then this southern style dish will be a food option that you will enjoy; something different and tasty to eat.  But if you like eating corn bread but do not actually enjoy eating corn, then this dish is not for you because there are bits and pieces of corn in every bite that you will taste.

Corn soufflé is an easy dish  to make and serves as a great side for any meal which includes but is not limited to pasta dishes, soups, meat dishes, casseroles, party meals, etc. Takes about 45 minutes to make.


1 Can of Cream Styled Corn
1 Can of Sweet Corn
1 Box of Corn Muffin Mix
1 Egg
1/3 cup Milk (or fatfree milk or almond milk)
1/2 Cup of Plain Fat Free Yogurt (or sour cream)


1. Preheat oven at 400 degrees.
2. Gather all ingredients and place them into the baking tray.

3. Mix all ingredients with a wooden spatula; very well until all lumps have been smoothed out.
4. Place mixture in the oven and let it cook. Should be ready in about 45 minutes. Place a fork into the corn soufflé to see if the inside has dried. (Please note that your fork might appear a little wet even if the corn soufflé is cooked because it is a mushy dish. Check in various places to make sure).

5. Remove from oven and let it sit and cool off for about 5 minutes or so and it is ready to be served.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monday September 29, 2014 was National Coffee Day

This past Monday, September 29, 2014 was National Coffee Day. I am a lover of coffee and you can find me with the largest cup of coffee a vendor can sell mostly wherever I am. I guess you can call me a coffee-a-holic.

I always watched my family make coffee and drink. There was never a day when the aroma of fresh brewed coffee was not perfuming the house.  Yet, it was in my twenties when I started actually drinking it and enjoying it.

My coffee days went through a series. I did not think I could enjoy the pure taste of coffee and so I always masked it with the sweetest coffee creamer I could find and applied lots and lots of sugar. But not anymore.

Now I enjoy dark bold coffee and drink it black; no sugar or cream. The taste is part of my everyday and I love it. I have tried many blends from many different places and so, was really looking forward to National Coffee Day.

Dunkin Donuts had free coffee. McDonalds had free coffee. But my favorite, Starbucks did not. Yet, for some reason, I still found myself on the long line that one viewing from outside would suspect there is something free being distributed. But there was not.

It was just like a normal day where coffee ruled and still, Starbucks was my choice. Luckily, I enjoy the unflavored coffee because as opposed to the flavorful ones that are about $5 a pop, I can still enjoy my Venti Dark Roast for under $3. However, it would be nice for Starbucks to have a free day to honor the loyal everyday customers. So how about it? It has been a minute and we deserve it.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Meal Ideas for Meatless Mondays

A day without meat does not mean you will lack in protein. There are many options to try that are great protein sources that do not consist of meat at all.  So here are some ideas for your meatless Monday!

Split Pea Soup

Corn Meal with Bean Sauce

Vegetarian Mousaka (instead of beef, use chick peas) 

Roasted Vegetable Sandwich (Add String beans)

These are just some suggestions. I mean, it is meatless Monday. How strong are you at fasting from meat for one day? Meat also includes poultry and fish by the way.  Try it and see your own strength in action. 

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Substitute Rice for a Healthier Grain

If you desire to lessen your carb intake but you are used to eating a daily portion of rice, why not substitute your rice for a serving of quinoa instead. 

Here is probably what you wouldn't know. You can prepare quinoa the same way as you would rice because it is a grain. 1/4 cup uncooked yields about one serving. One serving of rice is about 400 calories. One serving of quinoa is about 180 calories.

Like rice, you boil a medium pot of water with a little bit of oil and about a pinch of salt and then add your grains. Cooks in about a half hour.

Another thing that can be similar between these two grains is how you eat it. If you are used to eating your rice with black eyed peas, add black eyed peas to your quinoa. If you normally top your rice with beans, top your quinoa with beans.

Tastes really good, is low in carbs which is great for someone dieting or trying to lessen sugar intake and is a really health whole grain to add to your diet. 

Try quinoa as a substitute and enjoy! 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Thank You For the Food We Eat

Pardon me for the lack of posting new great eats like I had been regularly before. But I'm greatful for inspirations to write more. 

I'm nothing without my pen close by writing something. And ironically it's April, one of my favorite months of the year because it's National Poetry Month and I'm a poet. Yay!!! :))) (Still can't  believe how many bins full of notebooks I have full of poetry since from when I was in grade school.)

Thank You For the Food We Eat
(C) By Stephanie Jeannot 

So what's for dinner tonight. 

If you wanna eat something right 

Take a bite of 

A home cooked yummy lullaby

That hushes your hunger

So sweetly

You just completely 

Enter into a zine of harmony

Nurturing thee

Vegetable greens

Like collards

Spinach or carrots

And maybe a lean protein 

Like lentil or pecans

For this lovely Sunday

And then end it off

With a walk in the park 

For an hour walk away

And burn off about 240 kcals today 

Talking to your pal

Speaking in faithfulness

Cause he exists

In your world 

While God just continues

To nourish your world

With arms of hope

That you might be able to cope

Over mountains that sometimes can slope

That ye may be able to rise

With his might and use the light

That only he can provide for us 

that gives us energy.

While there are many people

With not the opportunity to eat

For days; we ought to give praise

For our food; a luxury.

Be thankful for the food we are blessed to eat. 

(Thank you for reading a serving of my poetic eats. Really hope you enjoyed it as a treat. May God bless the everyday of your week.) 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What's in your cup?

But wait! 

Before you go and fill your cup with another cup of soda or sugary juice or alcohol; have you had water today? So necessary!

Remember 8 glasses of water is the recommended daily value. So have some and enjoy. Great for the skin, body and for your spirit. Almost as delicious as breathing. :)))