Sunday, April 6, 2014

Thank You For the Food We Eat

Pardon me for the lack of posting new great eats like I had been regularly before. But I'm greatful for inspirations to write more. 

I'm nothing without my pen close by writing something. And ironically it's April, one of my favorite months of the year because it's National Poetry Month and I'm a poet. Yay!!! :))) (Still can't  believe how many bins full of notebooks I have full of poetry since from when I was in grade school.)

Thank You For the Food We Eat
(C) By Stephanie Jeannot 

So what's for dinner tonight. 

If you wanna eat something right 

Take a bite of 

A home cooked yummy lullaby

That hushes your hunger

So sweetly

You just completely 

Enter into a zine of harmony

Nurturing thee

Vegetable greens

Like collards

Spinach or carrots

And maybe a lean protein 

Like lentil or pecans

For this lovely Sunday

And then end it off

With a walk in the park 

For an hour walk away

And burn off about 240 kcals today 

Talking to your pal

Speaking in faithfulness

Cause he exists

In your world 

While God just continues

To nourish your world

With arms of hope

That you might be able to cope

Over mountains that sometimes can slope

That ye may be able to rise

With his might and use the light

That only he can provide for us 

that gives us energy.

While there are many people

With not the opportunity to eat

For days; we ought to give praise

For our food; a luxury.

Be thankful for the food we are blessed to eat. 

(Thank you for reading a serving of my poetic eats. Really hope you enjoyed it as a treat. May God bless the everyday of your week.) 

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