Saturday, May 17, 2014

Substitute Rice for a Healthier Grain

If you desire to lessen your carb intake but you are used to eating a daily portion of rice, why not substitute your rice for a serving of quinoa instead. 

Here is probably what you wouldn't know. You can prepare quinoa the same way as you would rice because it is a grain. 1/4 cup uncooked yields about one serving. One serving of rice is about 400 calories. One serving of quinoa is about 180 calories.

Like rice, you boil a medium pot of water with a little bit of oil and about a pinch of salt and then add your grains. Cooks in about a half hour.

Another thing that can be similar between these two grains is how you eat it. If you are used to eating your rice with black eyed peas, add black eyed peas to your quinoa. If you normally top your rice with beans, top your quinoa with beans.

Tastes really good, is low in carbs which is great for someone dieting or trying to lessen sugar intake and is a really health whole grain to add to your diet. 

Try quinoa as a substitute and enjoy! 

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