Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Monday September 29, 2014 was National Coffee Day

This past Monday, September 29, 2014 was National Coffee Day. I am a lover of coffee and you can find me with the largest cup of coffee a vendor can sell mostly wherever I am. I guess you can call me a coffee-a-holic.

I always watched my family make coffee and drink. There was never a day when the aroma of fresh brewed coffee was not perfuming the house.  Yet, it was in my twenties when I started actually drinking it and enjoying it.

My coffee days went through a series. I did not think I could enjoy the pure taste of coffee and so I always masked it with the sweetest coffee creamer I could find and applied lots and lots of sugar. But not anymore.

Now I enjoy dark bold coffee and drink it black; no sugar or cream. The taste is part of my everyday and I love it. I have tried many blends from many different places and so, was really looking forward to National Coffee Day.

Dunkin Donuts had free coffee. McDonalds had free coffee. But my favorite, Starbucks did not. Yet, for some reason, I still found myself on the long line that one viewing from outside would suspect there is something free being distributed. But there was not.

It was just like a normal day where coffee ruled and still, Starbucks was my choice. Luckily, I enjoy the unflavored coffee because as opposed to the flavorful ones that are about $5 a pop, I can still enjoy my Venti Dark Roast for under $3. However, it would be nice for Starbucks to have a free day to honor the loyal everyday customers. So how about it? It has been a minute and we deserve it.

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