Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Did the Singing Chef Say Mustard Greens?

"Mustard greens is the second most nutritious green you could eat. The first is dandelion root." -  Rash Shamash

This is a quote from a cooking demonstration by the singing chef at For My Sweet in Brooklyn. 

Who knew that mustard greens were so good, you could eat them raw like salad greens or even add them to your smoothies? 

It's all in the way you spice it up! Almost like the way he spices up the jazz every first Monday of the month at For My Sweet on Fulton Street between Classon and Clavers in the Clinton Hills section if Brooklyn, NY. 

Not only do you get to devour an earful of tasteful jazz music, but you have your choice of yummy eats, some made by the singing chef himself, available; some which include vegetarian choices. 

A venue for music lovers and foodies. Definitely my kind of spot. 

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