Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Red Velvet Cake in-a-Cup

When I was younger, summer nights were for tea. My parents used to call me the tea girl because I used to go in the house, make a kettle pot full of tea every night and make enough for the entire family and then serve it to them as if that was the only thing I was meant to do. 

Now, summer nights are for sweet treats. But how much sweets can a person actually have and stay healthy? I realized that I can't do it every night. And then while I was in what seems to be, the tea Capitol of the world, otherwise known as Montreal, I found a solution; something to satiate my sweet tooth and a tea. Red velvet cake tea!!!! 😍👍

It's made by DavidsTea. 

It comes in one of those see-through sachets that I really like. It has a nice taste and is only 5 calories. I love a tea that I do not have to add sweetener to, however, some people might think it needs sugar. For me, it's just right. But I'm used to drinking my tea and coffee without adding anything to it. 

So how do you make it?

Grab a tea kettle or pot, fill it up with water and bring the water to a boil. 

Remove one of the 12 caffeinated black tea sachets from the protective packaging around it and put it into your favorite cup. 

Pour boiled water into cup and let it steep for about a minute or so and then drink to your hearts desire. 

Just think! Guilt free red velvet cake in a cup that you don't have to shy away from having a second serving. Drinking this summer night tea, brings back so many memories. 

I can actually rejoice. Yeah! It's tea time. Almost like having your cake and eating it too . . . 

Disclaimer: I am not employed by DavidsTea and will not receive monetary compensation for writing a review of this product. 

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