Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sunshine and BBQ and Water; Oh My!

I can’t help but celebrating with a long, loud ovation that this weekend, which is 4th of July weekend to be exact, is the unofficial barbecue weekend of the year. I’m experiencing tears of relief right now that I won’t have to slave in the kitchen to cook an elaborate meal because everybody and their mama is up in their backyards grilling.

I guess you can say this is the weekend to experience the healing energies of family and friends. Enjoying long conversations with them can do that. Flying expensive kites with a little cousin or nephew that you have not seen in a while might provide needed warmth inside as well.  So when you decide to heave around the yard, rapacious for that next ice, cold beer, remember that you are in the sun which is sipping the water from your body at a more surprising speed than you would think. Mix it up.

The first time you are at the cooler, dancing your way through the classic soul or Soca sounds to that can of beer or soda, let the next and every other beverage you grab, be a water so you can replenish what your body has lost. And while it is fresh in my mind, let me also say that fruit also has a great percentage of water in it which is excellent for the body. So while you are enjoying the burgers and crab meat salads under the sunny beams, add a slice of watermelon or some strawberries to your plate. Catching up on water for your body which needs eight glasses for health purposes is making a good decision that truly matters. 

Summer is definitely a season where we notice how much time is truly worth when we see family and friends we haven’t seen in perhaps, a year. Sometimes poor eyesight prevents us from noticing how many times we have flipped the calendar page without calling or texting important people in our lives. And then as you sink in the depths of summer’s warmth, you welcome it with gladness knowing of the reunions. You can’t deny surrendering a smile on summer days like that when you can share a drink with those you may only see once a year. But make sure to share water too.

I’ll tell you this though, even if you decide not to add it, there will be a moment when your body will demand it. Make sure to pay attention to those dehydrating signs. 

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