Sunday, November 27, 2016

Oh Honey, So Refreshing . . . Ginger Tea!

Who said that you couldn’t fall in love with a cup of comfort?

I am not here to bind you with the science behind the taste. But, I am amazed at how a mere beverage had the power to take my breath away.

I try not to miss an opportunity to have a refreshing cup of tea in the evening hours. I won’t go to the extreme of saying that Ginger Honey crystals with Lemon Tea is the best cup of tea I have ever had; especially since I am not an advertiser or being paid in any way to speak on Prince of Peace corporation’s behalf. But, I will say that it is a very good one. Even my father liked it and now it has become a regular in my kitchen’ cabinet.

This tea is not made with a tea bag. Each packet is filled with ginger honey crystals and lemon that dissolves into the hot water and tastes like actual ginger root tea with honey and lemon. I think that ginger has natural caffeine in it though it is refreshing but if you do have a cup make sure you add two cups of regular water to your H20 intake if you even drink just one cup. Caffeine eliminates two cups of water from your body.

Just in case you are looking for a new tasty and refreshing tea that I think is great for those suffering from an ENT infection such as a minor cold, this might be a good tea to try. It is spicy because of the ginger, tasty because of the honey and great on the throat because of everything that is in each bag. Yummy is all I can say!