Tuesday, April 25, 2017

R is for Rains of April

All the rain and dark skies might make it seem that the April showers are stealing the sun’s thunder.

Somehow, it makes it seem as if the bright daytime star in the sky is remaining stoic and detached from the day and though we try to grapple with the reality of this spring cycle, it tends to affect our mood a bit simply because gray skies create that kind of effect.

The storms can be a very jarring experience for some. Especially when the sky cries its waters in a steady downpour and is in the full flowering of its strength.  

Who doesn’t yearn for the sun to modestly shine when the weather is like that? To wake up determined to pursue the day, only for the soaking rains to be somewhat of a character assassination is something to consider. Don’t allow doubt to seek lodgment in your mind.  The clouds might be so bright that they blind the truth of what is ahead but trust me, the best is yet to come.

Maybe these days of April rains are the days when you can hone in on your strategy to
achieve your goals. While it is storming outside, let the storm in your brain, lead you to coming up with great ideas that you can write down because your vision of the future is worth thinking about and releasing into the earth. While the blue skies are being masked by gray clouds, think about ways that you can affect the landscape when the rainbows knock the rain out of position. Even if you feel that it is too wet outside to enjoy the fresh air, you can still embrace the front porch, plus, sugar doesn’t melt in water, it only sweetens it, so even if your umbrella does not work, a fresh supply of Mother Nature's water, watering plants, grows them; so keep that in mind.

Prepare for your escape while it is raining so that when the stormy weather ends, you can apply your outlandish ideas in broad daylight. That way, you never miss a beat, even if you miss being outside, because it is raining and you don’t feel like getting soaked up in it.

One thing to smile about with all the rain is to consider the end result. After the rain drizzles away, the flowers will rise out of the soil to a platform of prominence. Your toils are also seeds planted that rise like flowers to face the sun. Feels good to know that once we are truly able to cut the chains of misery, that our hearts of gold and our passions and efforts will also have the opportunity to sizzle like the summer sun. The rain is a good time to get your ideas or your inventory ready for those tender moments.

Here is another thing to consider while the rain is taking over the April days. If you are one of those people who have no choice but to splash in it like penguins, be careful driving in that weather. It seems, these are the days that people forget how to safely maneuver their vehicles. Road rage, though it might be a part of who we are instinctively can be pacified with the rain as it pacifies the overheating earth. 

If you have to take public transportation, be patient with the people all around you, all carrying baggage, their entire lives, luggage and umbrellas with them to get to where they want to go. Make sure not to let anger get the best of you just because someone else’s baggage might be heavier than yours. 

Maybe you can make some soup for the family so when they come in drenched, they can have something warm and hearty to eat. Add some good spices to it like turmeric, cayenne pepper, garlic, parsley or onions which is very good for your health.  So it won't just be warm and hearty, but healthy as well.  

And what a great day to watch a nice movie like, Stormy Weather. See Lena Horne and Bojangles in action. Such a beautiful and fun film to watch. Plus, it's still Jazz Appreciation Month, so why not? 

Stormy Weather  

Whatever you do, make it a great day. 
Hope yours is full of overflowing productivity. Enjoy!


  1. I would totally welcome rain..we have had nothing but snow. Granted it melts just as fast as it hits the ground but its so hard to know how to dress the kids! LOL!!

  2. This is such great advice. I need to focus more on productivity when it rains...or curling up with a movie like you mentioned.

  3. It's been rainy here too for days. It can be hard to focus, rainy days make me want to curl up and read or take a nap

  4. We had some beautiful sunny days and now we have rain. Like you said the rain can bring so much beauty. I don't really complain. The weeds will always be there to be pulled!

  5. We love soup on a rainy day! These are good tips for us in southwest Florida- right now is our drought season (which is funny since the rest of the country has "April showers") but all summer is rains and rains so we have it coming soon!

  6. Beautiful thoughts! I tend to get frustrated when it is raining in spring, but this is a great point about taking the time to focus and think about things more. I should enjoy the cozy and slower days, before the active summer days come.

  7. It usually rains here in the UK all through April, but this year we've actually had quite a lot of sunshine instead! It's been bliss.

    Louise x

  8. It's been raining a lot in NYC the last few days! Rain does bring so much beauty but still I'm not too happy when it rains. All I want to do is curl up and go back to sleep. At least rain is a sign that summer will come soon. :)

  9. Great inspiration! I like the idea of having a storm in my ideas when it's storming outside. Rainy days can be a downer on inspiration but that's a good way to get over that hump.