Wednesday, April 26, 2017

V is for Vegetables

Vegetables are your friend. 

If you are someone who always feels you have indigestion and it hurts and you are eating all meat and rice and that is it, you are denying yourself the goodness of eating things that are beneficial to your health. 

You want to treat your gut right, love your body a little bit more and care for your colon? Eat better!

Here are some ideas 
for changing things up for your benefit!

1. Have the meat, but add a vegetable to it. Meat takes a long time to digest. Let the vegetables ease the transition and help the process. Your body will thank you. 

2. Let the meat be the tomatoes for a day and have a salad. There are so many different types of salad that you can add to your weekly eating plan. Make it in a way that you can enjoy them so it won't seem like you are being forced to eat something you might not like too much.  


3. Salads can be tasty.  Fill 3/4 of your plate with vegetables and have meat as the side instead of having the veggies as a side.

4. Flavor up those vegetables and add cheese or maybe garlic and butter to them to flavor them up.  

5. Choose one day out of the week to have no meat products and stick to it. Make it a weekly thing. 

Don't allow food to make you a prisoner to the taste of what you are putting into your mouth. What you eat is that very thing that can either cause or prevent borderline, unnecessary diseases and illnesses to take over your health. Better to start somewhere and add something healthy to your plate without the doctor telling you that you have to. 

Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Amazon and though I was not paid to write this post on healthy eating, if you should decide to click on link and purchase products discussed in this post, I will be compensated. 


  1. I wish my son would eat more vegetables. I have to hide them in other foods just to get him to eat them. My favorite is roasted veggies and salads. I will have to check out the salad cookbook on Amazon. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I need to eat more vegetables, I admit that. I am working on it. I love these ideas--I do love to flavor mine up with garlic, because garlic is the best!

  3. I love vegetables. My mom trained me to eat them when I was a child and I am thankful with that. Thanks for promoting healthy living.

  4. I have finally learned how to enjoy vegetables after all these years! I did not eat them much growing up. My mom never made many vegetables other than green beans. My husband and I did WHOLE30 and it changed my perspective on eating veggies!

  5. I love vegetables specially grilled zucchini and squash in the summer time.

  6. I love veggies but my son sometimes likes to pick them all out. Having veggies with meat is a good tip because like you said, they help with digestion! Now to explain that to my toddler... lol.

  7. Wonderful ideas for eating more veggies. I'm so glad you mentioned the Inspiralized cookbook. Hands down it's one of my favorites with so many creative idea for adding more veggies to your dinner plate!

  8. I have been on a really strong health kick recently, eating a ton of veggies and lean protein. It's so important to get enough servings of fruits and veggies every day. I love getting different colors of veggies because this way, I'm getting more vitamins and minerals.

  9. These are such great tips to eating more veggies for sure. We have been totally playing with our spiralizer to incorporate things like veggie pasta and stuff. I am always looking for more creative ways to eat better. this was awesome. - Lynzy & Co

  10. I'm so not a huge veggie person, although they are starting to grow on me. I absolutely hate the texture and how they taste like water. I have started adding minimal seasoning and trying to pan stir them instead of steaming and I am enjoying them much more! I cannot wait to try these recipes and try to get my veggie intake better!

  11. I am definitely trying to add more green to my meals. I am trying to live a more holistic lifestyle and take care of myself. I also like looking for new veggies and incorporate them into my meals.

  12. I am like my son, I love my fruits but struggle with my veggies. We are trying to be better at trying new veggies as a family, my daughter loves it! I know they are so good for all of us. I will be continuing the teaching and trying with my kids.